Seminars and courses for Chiropractors, Physiotherapists and other Primary Care Providers, teaching neurology for daily use in your clinic

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About BC Neuro

Managing a patient suffering from pain and dizziness can be challenging and stressful. They look to you for answers. Understanding how the brain controls movement, balance and posture gives you the skill to provide them. However, learning neurology has traditionally taken hundreds of hours of CPD, much of it not applicable to your practice or patients. I have condensed that information into a understandable, usable and realistic seminar series. Providing you with skills to manage your patients with confidence and expertise.


Jake Cooke


Dr Jake Cooke graduated from AECC in 2009. He is one of the few chiropractors in Britain to have passed the American Chiropractic Neurology Board. Jake currently works in a dedicated chiropractic neurology practice in London and as part of a multidisciplinary team helping patients to recover from severe traumatic brain injury.

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This course is not designed to replace what you currently know or use, but to help you know where and how to best apply your skills and talents.

My goal is to provide tailor made neurology seminars for groups of 2-10 people. The material covered will be based on your current level of understanding and the way you practice

What people say about BCNeuro

I was thoroughly impressed by his ability to teach and would strongly recommend him for in-house CPD seminars

Gruff Parsons
Head of Performance, London Scottish Rugby Club.
Jake’s methods of learning has been essential in me getting my qualifications, and enhancing my clinical knowledge.

Robert Correll
Dr Cooke is an excellent teacher, drawing on his extensive knowledge to create inspiring and applicable seminars.

Kaye Helsen
Jake gave us an seminar on the cerebellum in a small group. I haven’t studied any neurology previously, but now I’m keen to learn more. Really recommended.

Nick Metcalfe