Mental health and wellness webinar

This was a really fun webinar!

I was invited to join a panel discussing the treatment of a range of conditions that effect the brain. Although the focus was the application of low-level laser therapy, the clinicians brought in all the other tools and techniques that they use.

You have to listen to Trevor Berry and Robert Silverman discussing pathophysiology and treatment in this webinar. They are so unbelievably fluent in such a broad range of subjects. It was so inspiring to listen to them speak, a great example of the skill and knowledge level we should be trying to achieve.

For this webinar, attendees sent in questions on a range of subjects from Plantar Fasciitis to Alzheimers, and the panel discussed their thoughts on cause and treatment.

They say if you’re the smartest person in the room, you’re in the wrong room. Well, in this case, I was the janitor peering in through a closed window.