Neurology has always been at the centre of chiropractic. Arguably many of the “miraculous” results attributed to our treatment techniques are due to influences on the nervous system. It’s also an area of healthcare that is exploding with new research and opportunities to help our patients. However, neurology can be difficult to learn, difficult to remember and difficult to apply. Often seminars only become an effective learning experience once you have a strong understanding of the material. Many of us think that neurology is too difficult to either learn or apply in practice. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

My most valuable learning experiences were when I had one on one time with experienced colleagues. Where they had time to explain and I had time to ask. For this reason I have decided to offer the same learning opportunity.

My goal is to provide tailor made neurology seminars for groups of 2-6 people. The material covered will be based on your current level of understanding and the way you practice. I personally work in a dedicated functional neurology practice using VNG, CAPS, saccadometer, calorics etc.. to help assess the patient and design neurological rehabilitation programmes. However, if all you have available to you is a reflex hammer and 30 minutes for a new patient, we will focus on what tests and therapies will give you the most bang for your buck.

We sit in a prime position to assess and improve the function of the nervous system. I believe that learning neurology can be fun, rewarding and excellent for both yourself and your patients.

This course is not designed to replace what you currently know or use, but to help you know where and how to best apply your skills and talents. There will be no protocols and cookbook recipes.

Jake Cooke, MChiro, DACNB.