Cerebral lobes

Course outline:
  • The course will be based at the level of learners.
  • This course will be looking at the function of the cerebral hemispheres. Focusing on how to assess them and their relevance to your patient.
  • How the lobes of the brain help to create our perception of the world, and movement on a second by second basis.
  • This course is dependent on the tools and skills currently available to you, as well your own treatment preference.
  • Treatment can be explained and related to a more standard chiropratic treatment, or expanded into a functional neurology approach depending on the knowledge base of the group.
  • Over 1-2 days.
  • Group size 2-6.
  • This course will incorporate aspects of the other courses but with a focus on how they affect brain activity.
  • We will discuss what the patients history tells you about their neurological state.
  • How areas of the brain can be assessed in a logical manner and how to interpret your findings.
  • How the eyes are the window to the nervous system.
  • Out of all the courses this will look most at how to create neurological rehabilitation programs. Combining exercises and treatment modalities to repetitively activate or inhibit neurons, resulting in long term adaptation through neuroplasticity.
  • This course is an excellent stepping stone before going onto neurology seminars dedicated to each different lobe or specific aspects of brain activity.
  • The brain ultimately controls everything we do and defines who we are. Understanding it’s function and how to influence it, is, in my opinion, the most exciting and rewarding area of patient care.