Links and useful resources

Functional Neurology courses:

The Carrick Institute


Find registered neurology diplomates:

American chiropractic neurology board website

Neuroworks, London

Newland Chiropractic, Lincoln – my own website for patient education.

Useful websites:

Neuro exam:

Neurological exam and cases, Utah University – Normal and abnormal mental state, cranial nerves, coordination, sensory, motor and gait videos.

Disorders of the nervous system, Dartmouth University – text based.

Springer video atlas of movement disorders – video.

University of Dublin neurology videos, youtube.


Tropias vs phorias (part 1) – video.

Tropias vs phorias (part 2) – video.

Eye lectures, Tim Root’s youtube channel.

Neuro-ophthalmology collection, Robert Daroff – video and text.

Neuro-ophthalmology collection, Shirley Wray – video and text.

Neuroanatomy and physiology:

Medschool confidential – detailed mind maps across a broad range of subjects.

Doctor Najeeb playlists – Broad range of neuroanatomy and physiology lectures.

Peripheral nervous system, Flinders University – text based.

Vestibular system:

Dr. Brock vestibular repositioning maneuvers – video.


Robert Sapolsky, Stanford University, playlist – Neuroscience lectures on human behavior, evolution, genetics, limbic system, sexual behavior, aggression, language, schizophrenia and individual differences.

Neuroscience news – articles and research.

Journal of the American Academy of Neurology – articles and videos.

Functional neurology:

Prof. Carrick, ABC news.

Daniel Lane’s collection of neurology videos, youtube channel.

Reading list:

A textbook of neuroanatomy, Maria Patestas. 

Disconnected Kids, Robert Melillo.

Functional Neurology for practioners of manual medicine, Randy Beck.

Neuroanatomy. Draw it to know it, Adam Fisch.

Neuroanatomy through clinical cases, Hal Blumenfeld

Neurobehavioral disorders of childhood, Melillo and Leisman.

Neurological differential diagnosis, John Patton. – An oldie but a goodie.

Neurology board review. An illustrated study guide, Mowzoon and Flemming.

Principles and practice of movement disorders: Fahn, Jankovic and Hallet.

The neurology of eye movements, Leigh and Zee.

Vestibular rehabilitation, Susan Herdman.